Manifest dealt with a wide array of interrelated themes.

Each object in the show can be thought of as a kind of infographic- if such graphics left us with less certainty after reading.

Transatlantic Modernism, oil on canvas, 22″x22″


In 1933, following the closure of the Bauhaus, Josef and Anni Albers fled fascism and emigrated to the United States, where they taught a generation of America’s postwar Modernists.

Beard Tools : Do you find yourself wishing for a grander, fuller, more prophetic beard? Does your trouble stem from patchy cheeks? Stuffy workplace regulations? An extra X chromosome?

Custom beard tools matched to your face shape and hair color are available. Each beard is mounted on a custom-fit axe or tool handle.

Georgia Pacific is a paper, pulp, and wood products company known for toilet paper and plywood. The corporation, a division of Koch Enterprises, currently controls approximately 6.8 million acres of forest land in America. This is an area larger than 12 US states. Like the artist, the company has strong ties to the Southeast and Pacific Northwest.

Theorie und Praxis is an imagined lecture series featuring Irwin Panofsky and Joseph Beuys. Panofsky developed a highly influential approach to art history- in which levels of signs and meanings are understood in layered, simultaneous structures. Beuys was a performance artist and sculptor who sought to eliminate the barrier between art and life.

Both men were teachers, both were humanists, both were Germans. To my knowledge, they never worked together.