The One About All Things at All Times

Work on the memory paintings continues. These paintings will be featured/available in July's LxWxH. This afternoon's was an ambitious painting:

The One About All Things at All Times

This painting never fails to dazzle me. It's a kind of visual encyclopedia of the Northern Renaissance. I teach a class on Medieval and Renaissance Art, and I offer an automatic "A" to any student who goes to Ghent and visits this painting. (No one has tried it yet.) If you can't fly to Belgium, there's a jaw-dropping hi-res image of the altarpiece, including x-ray images. You can use it to find all the places my memory faltered on this one.
Roughing things out...

Work in Progress

Also, this painting pairs beautifully with a Belgian Ale and The Virgin Queen Soundtrack.
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Memory Paintings, Pt. 2

The One About Eroticizing The Other

There are more of these each day. As I discussed earlier, in an effort to develop new approaches to painting from observation, I've been plumbing the depths of my visual memory. Here are the RULES: 1. Use known paintings. Maybe with complex spacial arrangements, maybe with dynamic color, maybe works I discuss in my art history lectures, maybe with naked ladies... whatever. Rule 2. Look at the image for no more than ten minutes, during breakfast. Rule 3. Wait for the afternoon, mix up some colors, and see what you know. Rule 4. Do not look at the original image. Rule 5. DO NOT look at the original image.

The One About a Subtle but Profound Shift

Observations: 1. Representational, Figurative, Western painting is still weirdly compelling. 2. I am impressed with the parts I get right, and delighted by the parts I get wrong. 3. Gesture is the most elusive element. Very soon, these will be on public display! And packaged with poetry! And sold at shockingly modest prices! More on this part soon!
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Opening Reception: Portraits

Huge gratitude to all my friends and neighbors who made it out for the Portraits opening last night in Vashon. It was wonderful to feel so much support. It was also very cool to see 28 of the portraits up in one place. Vast thanks to Lisa Hurst and her team at Ignition, whose tireless efforts have made that beautiful space a reality.

May 4th reception at Ignition Gallery, Vashon, WA

Yes. We had a TACO TRUCK at the show.

If you missed the reception, you missed a massive rainbow over Puget Sound and some top-notch carnitas. However, the show will be up for the rest of May. Go see it. The paintings look fantastic in the gallery. Also, I'll be conducting all-inclusive portraiture workshops May 12th and 19th. There is still some space available. Details here.

Red dots, friends. Art is a job.

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Solo Exhibition in May

This May, I'll be exhibiting a large group of portraits at Ignition Gallery in Vashon, WA. This will be the largest exhibition of these works to date, most of which have not been shown before.                   Beginning in the summer of 2010, I have been inviting friends, neighbors, and other artists into my space for single-session portraits. I paint each person in the space of an afternoon, usually over coffee, simultaneously conversing with a friend and abstractly studying their face. This work has been an immensely satisfying part of my practice and I am very excited to show these paintings en masse. We'll have an opening reception on Friday, May 4th, which will feature dozens of paintings, a few of their subjects, and a TACO TRUCK. That's right, my opening will have a taco truck. I will also be running two artist workshops on portrait painting May 12th and May 19th. The Vashon Island workshops will include all materials and tools, live models, and catered lunch. Details here.
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SAM Teen Night Out, April 13th

April 13th is Seattle Art Museum's Teen Night Out. This free event features access to the SAM's galleries, live performances, and art-making with Seattle Artists.  (Think: SAM Remix for minors.) In honor of the final month of Gauguin & Polynesia, this spring's event will feature a Tahitian dance troop, Polynesian tattoo, and hands-on art with local artists. I'll be there leading live figure drawing, and steadfastly avoiding getting any tattoos. Heads up, teens. Come draw with me. PS, young readers- Miss this event, and all the cool art kids will think you're a square. Miss this Gauguin show, and live a sadder, darker life.  
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Alley 1016 Open Studio… Seriously.

This Sunday, April 1st, my studio neighbors and I will be hosting an Open Studio event from 12-4pm. Free and open to the public.                       I'll have some old and new work around, including two new series of works on paper:

from an ongoing series of dress drawings

(more on these soon)

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Guaguin and Polynesia Workshop

This Friday night I'll be at the Seattle Art Museum to lead a teen sketching trip through Gauguin Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise. The show has some excellent paintings and prints from Gauguin's years in the Pacific, and some beautiful 19th century Polynesian artwork. We'll trace Gauguin's creative journey by sketching from the same objects that inspired him, then work from Gauguin's paintings and drawings. (including one of his sketchbooks!) Then we'll head downstairs for some figure drawing from live models. Registration is closed for this free program, but I'll be back soon. Teens, and people who work with them, should check in with the SAM to find out about more great programs and resources.
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Some Recent Drawing

These have been happening a lot lately. Stay tuned.

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