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For Christmas

The above print is based on a medieval framework for contemplation.¬† This four-tiered structure is mirrored in the four-part sections of Gothic cathedrals wherein Victoria and his contemporaries wrote music structured in four overlapping parts. The “thinking-architecture” connection is still … Continue reading

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Finnerty, not really from Finland

I recently received one of my own postcards from a friend traveling in Finland. I like to think it traveled  part of the way by reindeer.

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The Excitement of Slug Riding

This is one of a series of one-of-a-kind prints made for the artist book, “Means of Transportation That Don’t Go Anywhere.” Each copy of the book has my page with a unique drawing of a different spring-mounted animal and the … Continue reading

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Goats of Dauphin Island, Alabama

Here’s a recent print, made this fall on an antique Chandler & Price platen press. I spent the summer fuming over the BP Gulf Oil Spill, watching footage of oil destroying coastal ecosystems and waterways where I have lived and … Continue reading

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