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Portraits Gallery Updated

There’s more of these portraits than seems reasonable right now- piling up in racks, leaning against furniture, and rarely seeing the light of day. I’ve put a few more of them on display in the portraits gallery. Here’s a few … Continue reading

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We take up the task eternal, and the burden and the lesson.

This spring is about teaching. I’m currently teaching Art History I, II, III, and Contemporary Art and Design at The Art Institute of Seattle- devoting lots of time to writing lectures and course material. I’m also teaching Portrait Painting at … Continue reading

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Travels with Carlos

As spring creeps across the cold, muddy surface of America, three artists go forth to know this land better. (Also, we go to move a van-full of tools and instruments to New York) James Lobb, Carlos Esparza and I will … Continue reading

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Lullabies for Falling Empires

My dear friend Richard Webb has briefly returned to Seattle and will be playing a show this Sunday night, March 6th at Cafe Arabica. He’s gathered a small incarnation of his ensemble, Lullabies for Falling Empires for this one-night show. … Continue reading

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Seattle Contemporary Artist Panel

Tonight I had the pleasure of hosting six of my colleagues for a panel discussion in my Contemporary Art and Design class at Art Institute of Seattle. The six artists represented sculpture, painting, music, video, design, and lot’s of that … Continue reading

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How Painters Make Pottery

This summer, Pottery Northwest threw their annual “Salad Bowl” fundraiser. Resident potter James Lobb invited me to glaze a platter for the event as one of the guest artists. I chose to depict “The Duocephalous Bull,” which first emerged in … Continue reading

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Drawing with Pablo Neruda

This August, Jethaniel and I had the opportunity to develop and teach a two-week intensive drawing program for teens at Gage Academy. As part of my course, I read the teens a poem each morning as we began work. The … Continue reading

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