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How to Organize a Palette

Whenever movies portray painters painting, they’re either passionately slashing color onto the canvas, or mindlessly daubing some spot. What the movies never show is the artist carefully mixing colors, moving mixtures of paint, adjusting them, and working with the palette … Continue reading

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How Painters Make Pottery

This summer, Pottery Northwest threw their annual “Salad Bowl” fundraiser. Resident potter James Lobb invited me to glaze a platter for the event as one of the guest artists. I chose to depict “The Duocephalous Bull,” which first emerged in … Continue reading

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Airport Sketching

The saving grace of a long layover is the time it affords for candid sketching. People really zone out in the airports and hold still for a long time. This is also true of city buses, but airports have the … Continue reading

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WPA Posters

Carolyn and I are on the road this week celebrating my sister’s wedding up in the Sierras. My sister and her husband both work for the the National Park Service. So when they asked us to design their wedding invitations, … Continue reading

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Drawing with Pablo Neruda

This August, Jethaniel and I had the opportunity to develop and teach a two-week intensive drawing program for teens at Gage Academy. As part of my course, I read the teens a poem each morning as we began work. The … Continue reading

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Matt, Metal, and Mingus

I had my friend and neighbor Matt Lee in the studio for a portrait a few days ago. I  often invite sitters to tell stories, drink coffee, and eat the occasional Vietnamese sandwich. Matt especially relished the opportunity to play … Continue reading

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Goodbye Summer

Seattle is slouching toward autumn. The long, sunny days are waning, and the sun is slipping southward. In addition to summer gardening and dry cycling weather, I’ll miss my view of Mt. Rainier from the the studio. I did this … Continue reading

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This site is for…

This site is my way of opening my studio and my practice up for the wider community. I’ll post several times a week with artwork, sketches, news, and insights as I learn from my life and practice as an artist. … Continue reading

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