Now is the best time to see MANIFEST

As I've discussed elsewhere, this show is lots of fun and deals with a variety of issues and ideas that are dear to me. I've really enjoyed meeting visitors and watching them engage with the works on a number of levels. photo 2                       If you haven't made it out yet, you are emphatically invited to come see it in the flesh. You cannot see this show on the internet, I'll not be mounting it again later, and some of the works are moving on to private collections. Come enjoy it before it's gone!
A few of the paintings

A few of the many and varied paintings

This show includes:
Georgia Pacific
 Suggested Reading: Faulkner, Steinbeck, Gandhi
Fifteen Dead White Men and Pam Grier
Theorie und Praxis
Transatlantic Modernism
Country Mouse, City Mouse, Wilderness Mouse
Northwest Masters
On Painting the Miraculous
The Artist as The Western Artist
Equestrian Monument
  This show also features an abundance¬†of wall text- some of which is helpful, most of which is funny.
The Artist with David Kassan and "Northwest Masters"

The Artist with David Kassan and "Northwest Masters"

details, "Georgia Pacific"

details, "Georgia Pacific"

The show will be up and open throughout August. Gallery hours are Wed.-Sat., 12-6pm. Contact me for appointments in off-hours. More images on Instagram, but seriously- go see it for yourself.

"Equestrian Monument" 18x24", oil on panel

"On Painting the Miraculous,"36x22, oil on canvas

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