Summer: A Time for Action

It is said the T.R. drank one gallon of coffee each day and conducted mid-afternoon boxing matches in his office. He had no time for blogging.

It's been a while since I've made time for the internet. Summer is in its full glory here in Seattle, and I'm working to match the long boreal days. This Summer I'm teaching, the Drawing and Painting Teen Intensives at Gage, Contemporary Art and Design at AIS, and writing new courses for the Fall. (Get ready for HUM399 "Design and the Human Habitat" at AIS, and ART515 "Classical to Renaissance Art History" over at Digipen!) The garden is working through the seasons prolifically; I cut things down and eat them. I'll also be making a couple dozen paintings for a solo show in October (more soon), spending a little time in Wyoming (more soon), making another pottery project (more soon). Until these tasks are finished, please enjoy this photo of President Theodore Roosevelt camping with John Muir. (Go outside and get your work done!)
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