Farewell, First Thursday Art Schlock

For nearly a year now, many of us in Seattle have been enjoying the satire of First Thursday Art Schlock.  Yesterday, the author called it quits. The project was one of those Tumblr sites that paired animated gifs with adverb time clauses. The author was anonymous, which allowed her to skirt the careful politesse that dominates the Seattle conversation off-line. It was as if one of us slipped casually out of the art-opening like Clark Kent, donned a small mask and cape, and returned to delight us with super-caddy commentary. “Where’s Jeff?” asks one of us. “I don’t know, but $40 is too much for an entry fee!” While I didn’t always agree with the site’s apparent skill-fetish, or its occasional forays into self-pity, it was funny. It also allowed us to recognize one another and our common frustrations- rallied around the site’s “about” line: Your art show exhausts me. Thanks FTAS, Here are a couple of my favorites... When your artist statement uses the word FECUNDITY, When your interest in my work vanishes after I donate a piece to your auction.

Oh, you’re experimenting with video now?

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