Encountering the Sublime in Cleveland

The Artist Encounters the Sublime... by proxy.

This one goes out to anyone who has endured my 19th Century Art lectures, or is otherwise interested in my recent trip to Cleveland.  Made with assistance from Frederic Edwin Church and Carolyn Reddy's phone.  I also feel indebted to this gentleman.

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2 Responses to Encountering the Sublime in Cleveland

  1. nathanbe says:

    Why do you feel indebted to that guy? I must be missing the context, because I tried watching the clip that the link sends you to, and it was really hard.

    • Ryan says:

      No, Nathan, it’s a pretty scattered connection. Bas Jan Ader was a conceptual artist who had almost nothing to do with the Romantic Landscape tradition. However, I have always felt a weird kind of haunting kinship between his work and the Romantics. This probably comes from his most famous work, “In Search of the Miraculous,” in which he attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 13ft guppy and was lost at sea. I’d argue that Ader Ader and Friedrich might be after the same kind of ideas, but using different frameworks.

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