Art in a Box and Seattle Arts Festival

Yes, I'm going to write about the Memory Paintings and LxWxH again! Yes, there are still some available! Yes, you even preview some of them here!

Carrie's LxWxH packaging

First, Carrie, at Gingham & Gold, is a Seattle design blogger and long-time friend of The Ryan Finnerty Studio. She recently made her first foray into collecting local art via LxWxH. (that project that curates Seattle artists and writers by packaging original works in small boxes, for cheap) She wrote about the experience here, using words like "fabulous" and "economical."

Second, in Mid-October LxWxH will be at City Arts Festival this year. Most of the art there will be installations, experiences, and spectacles. Most of the art there will live inside David Byrne's blessed heart. You'll find our stuff at the Friday/Saturday Pop Up Art Market. Go check it out and take it home!

Watercolor by Julie Alpert, flanked by foo dogs

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