LxWxH Launch Party, Friday the 13th

This Friday, July 13th LxWxH (LengthWidthHeight) will be having a launch party for the July/August issue: re Place. You should probably come.
Where is it? VERMILLION ART GALLERY, 1508 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington When is this happening? Friday, July 13th 6-8pm Will it be bad luck? No. It will be totally metal.

Some of these will be at the party. (Hopefully, the nudes.)

This is your chance to bask in the glow of Adam, Julie and I. It's also your chance to rifle around in the FEW REMAINING BOXES and convince yourself that, "Yes. This is the moment! This is when I start my collection of beautiful handmade things! This is when I spend $130 on local art instead of blowing it on toll roads or brightly colored jeans!" Or, if you're one of the lucky few who've already received their issue, this is your chance to get me to call you a "patron of the arts" in front of your date.
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