Memory Paintings, Pt. 2

The One About Eroticizing The Other

There are more of these each day. As I discussed earlier, in an effort to develop new approaches to painting from observation, I've been plumbing the depths of my visual memory. Here are the RULES: 1. Use known paintings. Maybe with complex spacial arrangements, maybe with dynamic color, maybe works I discuss in my art history lectures, maybe with naked ladies... whatever. Rule 2. Look at the image for no more than ten minutes, during breakfast. Rule 3. Wait for the afternoon, mix up some colors, and see what you know. Rule 4. Do not look at the original image. Rule 5. DO NOT look at the original image.

The One About a Subtle but Profound Shift

Observations: 1. Representational, Figurative, Western painting is still weirdly compelling. 2. I am impressed with the parts I get right, and delighted by the parts I get wrong. 3. Gesture is the most elusive element. Very soon, these will be on public display! And packaged with poetry! And sold at shockingly modest prices! More on this part soon!
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