LxWxH (rePlace) Opens July 1st

Work and certificate for "The One About Needing a Bigger Boat"

On July 1st, LxWxH will begin selling their July/August issue: rePlace. The issue contains original works by Julie Alpert, Adam Boehmer, and Ryan Finnerty. There are only 20 issues available, and each box sells for an extremely modest price. (Order yours early!) My contribution is the Memory Paintings, in which I make visual recollections of other people's paintings. (more on these in earlier posts) This collection contains small paintings of everything I know about Jan Van Eyck, Gustav Courbet, Caravaggio, Kimberly Trowbridge, and many others. I'll post more images from this series in the coming days, but the best way to see them is probably to buy one. LxWxH is like a cross between a gallery, a magazine, and a CSA produce service. What's important is that its an exciting new idea in marketing artwork, and that it gives regular people the chance to collect some of Seattle's best artists for very little money. If you think owning contemporary art is just for rich people, Sharon, the project's curator, will be happy to disabuse you of that idea. (at length) ORDER YOURS HERE.
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