Occupy Seattle

protesters in Seattle's Westlake Plaza

I stopped by Westlake Center the other day to check out Seattle's Occupy Protest and do some drawing. I was curious to see the demonstrations and also to watch the crowd dynamics. I was really looking for two things: 1. I was hoping to see dynamic groupings of people, organizing into interesting shapes and spaces. 2. I was also hoping to see some dynamic arguments against the systemic abuses of power in our economy and government.

a peaceful exchange of dissenting viewpoints

On both counts, I had mixed feelings. #1, Being Seattlites, the people seemed to spread out to respect one another's personal space- only massing in the presence of benches or coffee. And #2, being in Seattle and on a Monday, the conversations lacked the urgency and excitement I've been reading about in New York. Like so many other sympathetic Americans, I wish I knew exactly what I was hoping to see. In the meantime, I'm excited to see so many people worked up about democracy, and to hear that disciplined nonviolence is keeping so many people safe.
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