Devil’s Postpile Patch Design

Junior Rangers take a special oath!

My friends at Devil's Postpile National Monument asked for some help designing a new badge for the park's Junior Ranger Program. This program engages kids and youth with the ecology or geology of different National Parks. When the kids finish the program, they earn a badge for their achievement. I used to do these programs on family vacations.  The old ones were shiny plastic badges with bison on them. (This sounds way cooler than they actually were.) For the new one, I based my design on the postpile, a giant formation of six-sided basalt columns. The shape of the columns dictated the hexagonal format and the use of stripes throughout. I wanted a strong diagonal and several layers of space. Also, designing for embroidery machines dictates a limited palette of flat color, in this case, six. Working with this limitation reminded me of an earlier NPS project.

Finalized design done in gouache.

If you're up in the Sierra Nevadas, make sure to visit the park and get one!
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