We take up the task eternal, and the burden and the lesson.

This spring is about teaching. I'm currently teaching Art History I, II, III, and Contemporary Art and Design at The Art Institute of Seattle- devoting lots of time to writing lectures and course material. I'm also teaching Portrait Painting at Pratt and Life Drawing with the "Teen Girl Squad" over at Gage.  As a result, the updates on this site have slowed considerably. Work in the studio is currently quiet, small, and secret. I found these words from William Merrit Chase both comforting and familiar: "The association with my pupils, most of them young people, has, I may say, kept me always young in my work, and my interest in painting fresh and ever renewed. The analysis of my pupil's work and the incidental formulating of correct principles, keep me artistically speaking, healthy and my point of view clear." "Far from regarding this work a waste of energy, I consider the office of teacher to be one of the highest honor and I am doing what I can to help those who come after me to tread the path which I have pursued for many years." In their esteem for his great leadership and generous devotion, Chase's students commissioned his portrait to be painted by John Singer Sargent. (left)
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