Goats of Dauphin Island, Alabama

Here's a recent print, made this fall on an antique Chandler & Price platen press. I spent the summer fuming over the BP Gulf Oil Spill, watching footage of oil destroying coastal ecosystems and waterways where I have lived and worked. To focus some of that energy, and to work with some lovely imagery, I decided to make a print about the tree-dwelling goats of Dauphin Island. I carved the illustration block to look very formal, like Victorian natural history texts or medieval woodcuts of fantastic creatures. When I set the antique lead type for the text and rule, I maintained that pre-modern sensibility with centered text, serifed type, and non-standard spellings, abbreviations, and capitalization. I'll include more details about letterpress printmaking, relief-cutting, and setting type in future posts.
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  1. Corina says:

    Oh, I love everything about this one! Especially the ship on the horizon. Gericault would be proud.

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