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A fun processes I use for conceiving scenes is to sketch directly with paint and a rough idea. Capriccios, or imaginary scenes, may start with a half-baked scene in my mind or a compositional shape I want to try out. I'll lay in some rough shapes and let things develop and change until a scene emerges. A shrub will become a figure, a cloud, then a shrub again. An advantage to sketching this way is that you get to think in terms of color and shape rather than line. Its also fast, allowing for spontaneity and a little ambiguity. I recently did this with some teens at Gage Academy's Teen Art Studio, where students developed some great sketches and wild narratives. Here's a quick sketch I did a few years ago. The composition wasn't terribly interesting, but I still wonder what must be going on in this scene. Write-in your title in the comments section by Dec. 5th. Best entry wins a signed, numbered Arborial Goats print.
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14 Responses to Title This Sketch

  1. Cale says:

    “Early Arrival”

  2. Passing Judgement

    (I just realized how ridiculously talented you are! Go family!)

  3. carolyn says:

    The Last of the Harvest

  4. Ata says:

    “The Inception of Wisdom”

  5. Cornelius Tempted From His Quest by the Goddess Iona, Disguised as a Peasant Woman.

  6. Jason Kline says:

    The Gathering

  7. Emily says:

    “Hey Sweetheart, Do You Come With Those Pickles?” (assuming that’s a basket of pickles)

    …or “Little Cabbage Earmuffs”

  8. Megan says:

    “Lady, this ain’t no party, this ain’t no farmer’s market, this ain’t no fooling around”

  9. dawn says:

    Peace Offering

  10. natalie says:

    all ears, arms full, blank stare, cold shoulder

  11. Case says:

    “Family Politics”

  12. 8 says:

    …feed not, a beast…

  13. Ryan says:

    Excellent work, everyone! Fascinating narratives, fun wordplay, and community participation in ART! Honorable mentions to James for being classical; and Matt (8) for being METAL. Our creative team selected Emily’s entry as our winner: “Hey Sweetheart, Do You Come With Those Pickles?”
    All our winners will receive a signed, numbered, hand-made print. Thanks for playing!

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