How Painters Make Pottery

This summer, Pottery Northwest threw their annual "Salad Bowl" fundraiser. Resident potter James Lobb invited me to glaze a platter for the event as one of the guest artists. I chose to depict "The Duocephalous Bull," which first emerged in my sketchbook, and has found its way into several prints and installations. Glazing a ceramic object provided lots of new challenges. First, the colors change drastically during firing, so what you see is nothing like what you'll get. Second, you can build up colors through successive layers like watercolor, but each layer dries to an identical opaque finish before firing. You just have to remember where you've been. It's only after a final trip through the kiln that the work reveals itself. The event, like most everything that goes on at PNW, was lots of fun. Thanks to all the people who came out to support the arts in Seattle!
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