WPA Posters

Carolyn and I are on the road this week celebrating my sister's wedding up in the Sierras. My sister and her husband both work for the the National Park Service. So when they asked us to design their wedding invitations, we took our cues from the WPA posters of the late 1930s. These serigraphs were made as part of the WPA's Federal Art Progject, which supported a generation of American artists through public works commissions during the Great Depression. Our design borrowed the simplified colors, abstracted shapes, and strong typography. Stealing tricks from these brilliant designers was lots of fun. As painters, designing for print is an uncomfortable process, but we're very happy to contribute to the couple's new life together.

More on the Fedral ArtProject and Tim Appelo's case for a new one.

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  1. Ranger Doug says:

    Great likeness and congratulations on the newlyweds. May all your days ahead be blessed by the beauty of our National Parks and inspired by the art of the WPA…..

    Ranger Doug “Ranger of the Lost Art”

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