Drawing with Pablo Neruda

This August, Jethaniel and I had the opportunity to develop and teach a two-week intensive drawing program for teens at Gage Academy. As part of my course, I read the teens a poem each morning as we began work. The poems were not discussed, explained, or analysed. They heard the following: Singsong- Rita Dove, My Worst Habit- Rumi, O Pioneers- Walt Whitman, Oh Little Soul- Hadrian, You are the Sea- Anis Mojgani, Like, You Know?- Taylor Mali, This is just to say- William Carlos Williams, A Man Like You, But Older- David Kirby, Ode to a Lemon- Pablo Neruda. I can't be sure, but I suspect the poetry was helpful. No one understands the still-life like Neruda, and it's good to have a little honey in your ears before Ryan yells at you about negative space all day.
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